Individual psychotherapy for Adults & Elders

My therapeutic style is an integrative and trauma-informed approach to psychotherapy that acknowledges the importance of body/mind/soul in holistically treating the underlying mental/emotional imbalances which disrupt a sense of well-being by interfering with the natural process of digesting and integrating life experiences.

The Therapeutic Process

I believe it takes tremendous courage to start as well as stick with psychotherapy/counseling. I encourage a gentle, open, and exploratory approach to self-awareness, understanding and acceptance. I will listen to your story to help you process emotions and difficult experiences, identify your values and unmet needs, gain insight into patterns and beliefs which are no longer helpful in the present, make meaningful connections between the past and present, and explore solutions for making effective, value-based choices and changes that support your well-being.

Throughout your journey, I will work collaboratively with you to create a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and I will strive to understand you through non-judgmental exploration of all aspects of life. During this process, I will ask questions and offer observations, provide a source of support and encouragement, and hold a deep respect for your individual process of healing, integration, and change. 



  • In person sessions   

​​I am currently only accepting new clients for telemental health video sessions:


  • Telemental health sessions* (secure video conferencing)  *for individuals located in Oregon, Washington, Texas and New Mexico as well as other select locations within & outside the U.S.

Please contact me for details.


$180 - 45 minute session

$216 - 60 minute session

$240 - initial intake session/evaluation 


I am considered an "out of network provider" for all insurance plans because I am not contracted with any insurance companies (i.e. I'm not "in network").  You may choose to independently submit receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement, though the amount will depend on what your specific plan will cover. Please be aware that your insurance company requires me to provide a diagnosis of a mental health disorder on your receipts. 

Alternatively, paying for therapy "out of pocket" instead of using your insurance has some benefits such as not requiring a diagnosis of a mental disorder and having more control over the privacy of your health information, the length your treatment, and the type of treatment. This can be helpful especially when engaging in longer term (not brief) psychotherapy.

I also offer a sliding scale based on financial need.

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